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DVD Chapter Point Tool

This is a small tool which allows you to import/export DVD Chapter Points to/from Uleads® Media Studio Pro 8 (for short MSP) and manipulate them in a quick an easy way.


Screenshot of MspChapter

How it works

You might think that this tool needs very detailed knowledge of MSPs internas to be able to do what it does. Fortunatly however thats not necessary. In fact MspChapter does not directly communicate with MSP, but instead uses well documented Windows® functions to search for windows with special titles and to ask the operating system to give it the content of those windows or to set the content or to simulate the pressure of a button.
MspChapter has been developed to work with the english version of MSP 8 SP1, but it is possible to configure the wording of the relevant titles with an ini-file. There is also an option to try autoconfiguration, in which case MspChapter uses an heuristic algorithm to determine the titles itself. But this is only experimental. The versions of MSP for different languages might differ in more than just the language and so there is no guarantee that the tool can work together with these versions.
Please do not interact with MSP while any data transfer is running between the two applications to avoid failures.


Please agree to these license conditions by entering the text I agree in the input field below, before you press the download button.

The file you download is compressed with winrar. If you dont have winrar yet, you can get it here.

The md5 hash of the decompressed exe is d50cd7c9b47e738993154dcd52a7df9c.

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